Council Meeting on Monday, December 7, 2015


Our December council meeting is Monday at 6:30pm. Click here to see the proposed agenda, and here to see the minutes from our November meeting (pending approval)

Children are always welcomed – and they have a great time! Email if you’re bringing a student and we’ll arrange for childcare.

See you there!


Lunch Volunteers Needed.

On imagesBBWFHIRQspecial lunch days, the lunch team sorts, delivers, and hands out lunches to all the kids who have ordered. That can be over 250 kids! We need your help to make sure all kids get their lunches on time and with enough time to eat before recess. If you can give us 30 minutes once a week – or as often as you can – we’d really appreciate it.

Drop into the Community Room on special lunch days at 12:30pm and we’ll get you all set up. Thanks again for your help!

Session 2 Lunch Forms


Session 2 {November 13th thru December 18th} lunch forms went home in the backpack last week. If yours didn’t make it home, you can download and print it here.

Lunch Form November – December 2015

Lunch order forms and cash/cheque payments are due in the school by Friday, November 6th. Cashless orders can be placed online up until midnight on the Sunday before the lunch day. Cashless is the way to go!

If you can help us count and tally lunch orders on Monday, November 2nd @ 9am, please meet us in the Community Room.

Thank you!

3rd Annual Parents Night Out Event!


Friday, November 6th is the 3rd Annual Parents Night Out, and there is already a buzz in the air! This years theme is The 80’s, so break out your florescent clothes, tight jeans, and teased hair because the night is going to be TUBULAR!

80s GangThis year the venue has been upgraded to Joe Dog’s “Fuel Lounge”, which is located downstairs from the main restaurant. It’s swanky and upscale – perfect for Central Parents! Music will be retro and current chart toppers, with plenty of room for requests. Dress in your fave 80’s attire, or just wear your usual spiffy gear – you’ll want to impress this crowd! 🙂

ghetto blaster boyYour night will be filled with amazing tunes, great food, and some fun ways to test your skills! We’re bringing back some of the hit games form last year, and we have some new fun for you as well!

Tickets are $10  person – and you can buy more for added chances at a door prize! Think of the tickets like Stag and Doe tickets, even if you can’t make the party, you can support a very worthy cause – our school! Order your tickets via the order form that went home in the backpack this week, or order them online through Cashless Schools. Invite friends, family, and strangers!

SilentAuctionSignPLEASE DONATE! Our Silent Auction is where the real money is made, and in order for it to be successful, we need prizes donated for auction. If you own a business and would like to support us by donating a prize, please email or to let us know! Ask a local business or your company to support our school and we’ll share our appreciation all over Facebook, our website and our school. What a great way to show you care!

joe-dogs-website-logoThank you to Joe Dog’s for their support with this event, and for their ongoing support of Central Public School. We are lucky to be in the same community!

Why Do or Don’t YOU Volunteer?

16-23 WhatsMatterPeople FINAL.indd
Source: PTO Today

I wrote a blog post a while back sharing my thoughts and feelings on my experiences with volunteering. Clearly, I like it, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. But with every event that school council plans, I’m always worried that we won’t have enough bodies to pull it off well. Why is that?

The graphic above shows the most common reasons why some people volunteer, and why others don’t. My reasons are from the top portion. What about you? I went to my first council meeting because a) I’m nosey; and b) isn’t that what stay at home parents do? Not the best reasons, but honest ones! At that meeting I met the principal, I met our school SERT, and a handful of parents who talked about fundraisers, and how the money they had raised could be spent to better the school. I signed up to help with something, and so began my career as a professional volunteer.

I’ve always wondered why more people don’t volunteer, and the bottom portion of the graphic told me exactly that. I’ve experienced all of this as a volunteer, and I hoped I was the only one! Turns out I wasn’t. So I read this article published by a PTO Today a US based PTA-type site I follow (I’m fully immersed now!) and could see how we as a council or event team can sometimes fall short. And I’m sorry for this. If you’ve ever been turned off of volunteering because when you arrived we didn’t have our ducks in a row, or if you thought you would be doing something fabulous and fun, but it turned out to be more of a general labour gig, I’m sorry. From now on, when you come out to help, I’ll be more aware of what you, as a volunteer, need, and I’ll work my darnedest to make sure you’re doing something fun, beneficial, and more in line with your expectations. So, if you’ll give us another chance, we’d love to see you!

I’d love some feedback – positive or constructive!

See you in the school yard,

Amber Rohal.

FAQ’s About Cashless Schools Online Payment System

Cashless Schools is an online fee payment program that allows parents to make payments to the school electronically rather than sending in cash and cheques with their children for payment. Parents can log in to the Payment Centre to deposit money, pay school fees, view purchases, and more. Whether you require a one-time payment or recurring payments, Cashless Schools offers solutions that will save parents and schools time and money.

Cashless Schools makes it possible for all schools to offer parents the convenience of online purchasing without incurring large administration or setup costs. Benefits include:

  • Parents can make purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • View historical purchases and payments online.
  • Eliminate lost checks or cash.
  • Payments are reflected online immediately.
  • Ensures private and secure transmissions.

There is no fee for transferring $25 or more to your Cashless Schools account (last year the amount was $75 to avoid a fee!) The Cashless Schools website offers detailed information including additional FAQs, and Tutorials. Cashless Schools is an easy, worry free way to pay for school related items. cashles schools logo